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xTune featured in SeOppi Magazine

The association of Finnish eLearning Centre  published an article about us and our concept for their membership bulletin SeOppi Magazine. The SeOppi Magazine gathers professionals, companies, communities and practitioners in the field together and offers up-to-date information about the latest phenomena, products and solutions of e-learning and their use.
Check out the article on eLearning Centre´s slideshare release. The article is in Finnish but here is a short summary in English.

xTune – a new way of connecting expertise inside organizations.

No one knows everything but everyone is good at something. This was one of the main ideas when we started developing our service. We wanted to help people to connect their expertise.

Four years ago when the company was started social media had already established itself in Finland and it was slowly seeping into companies as well. A good example of this is Yammer which brough Facebook-like status updating into organizations.

Social media has enabled whole new ways to share information and find people who you would probably never come across otherwise. By chance you encounter people who have similar interests or same problems to solve. This is known as serendipity. Although this has enabled new ways to connect people, it also has its down sides especially in company context. This status updating generates way too much information overload and employees do not have time to follow activity feeds to find people. They also cannot rely on chance to find and connect expertise they need. This was a problem we wanted to solve. How to make sharing and connecting expertise easier and faster.

Leverage existing expertise and avoid reinventing the wheel

The inspiration for xTune came from nature; it is based on utilizing a phenomenon called swarming which is a form of collective intelligence. Swarms are groups of experts that form and self-organize instantaneously to collaborate on complicated tasks across and beyond organizational boundaries. xTune enables anyone to share an idea, problem or project. xTune automatically finds those people who have relevant skills or interest and invites them to join a swarm of experts. Problem solving becomes faster and experts are able to make better decisions together.

A good example of this process is a case from one of our clients where one of the employees was planning an evaluation model for their unit. By sharing the project in xTune it was noticed that other units had already made models for evaluation and these people were connected within one day. This started a process where different units produced a uniform model for all the units. The wheel was not reinvented and the expertise was shared.

Culture eats technology for breakfast

Even though acceptance in companies has been extremely positive, we have learned that culture dominates over technology in organizations.  The easiest way to deploy new software for organizations is to integrate the deployment process to existing business development or other similar projects.  For xTune and the swarm concept to really take flight, there is a need to focus on organizational culture. It is important that the top management understands the need to articulate to the personnel what is the objective and the goals of xTune and encourage the personnel to use it and show example.

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