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Skillhive – an easier way to locate, share and develop expertise within organizations

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Skillhive – a new way to locate, share and develop expertise within organizations

Most companies are looking to become more agile and responsive to a constantly changing world. In order to do this companies are trying to ensure that knowledge is shared effectively throughout the organization. However, information systems that are supposed to address these needs are often too stiff and bureaucratic, designed mainly for administrative purposes. To solve the problem organizations have been trying to implement social features to their intranets but most of them have failed. They often attribute this failure to a lack of right organizational culture.

Skillhive is a unique social business application that makes it easier to share, connect and develop expertise inside organizations.

The secret ingredient behind Skillhive is a concept called swarming.

Swarms are self-organizing work groups that form around shared topics based on skills and interests. Anyone can create a swarm by sharing an idea, problem, project or any other topic. Skillhive finds people with relevant skills and interest and invites them to join the swarm. The level of participation within the swarm can vary in three levels: 1. Doers put in the most effort. They have the greatest interests to get the job done. 2. Helpers contribute by giving small advices that can still be a great asset for the group. 3. Followers join the swarm for learning purposes.

A model of skill swarm | SkillhiveParticipation and the sharing of expertise is encouraged through unique social rewarding system. Skillhive automatically recognizes and rewards two kinds of behavior; inspiring and helping. Those who share inspiring ideas and challenges get inspirer points and those who rush in to help and share their expertise get helper points. Points from the last 30 days are shown in leaderboard to make visible how people are contributing.

With Skillhive the right expertise can be gathered effectively and flexibly across the organization for projects or any other resourcing need. Problem solving becomes faster and experts are able to work smarter together. At the same time management gets a new and up-to-date view on personnel skills and interests.

Download Skillhive product presentation (Slideshare)

Use cases and benefits

1. Increase sales

  • Increase sales by finding the right expertise to support sales.
  • Start projects faster and help them achieve their goals by connecting with the right expertise quickly when needed.
  • Respond more rapidly to customer needs and inquiries and exploit new business opportunities better

2. Improve operational performance

  • Share best practices and tacit knowledge to capture the best ideas from across the organization.
  • Reduce internal costs by reducing rework and preventing “reinvention of the wheel”.
  • Reduce failures in decision making by harnessing the collective knowledge of the organization.

3. Enhance learning and competence development 

  • Onboard new employees faster: Form onboarding swarms, that allow managers, mentors and other employees to help new hires navigate their initial experiences and become top performers faster.
  • Engage employees with advanced gamification and social recognition. Identify and motivate top performers (inspirers and helpers) across the organization who otherwise would have gone unnoticed.
  • Reduce training costs and enhance competence development with peer learning.

Customer case studies

  • Case HR4 Group – ketterämpää osaamisen johtamista ja kehittämistä (in Finnish)
  • Case Valmet – yhteisöllisyyttä yli maa- ja organisaatiorajojen (in Finnish)
  • Case Kalliolan setlementti – osaamisen hyödyntämistä yli työalojen (in Finnish)
  • Case Kunnan Taitoa – strategialähtöistä osaamisen jakamista ja kehittämistä (in Finnish)

Technical aspects our customers appreciate

  • Customizable and configurable to meet company branding and culture
  • Works on all platforms and devices including Android, iPhone and Windows Phone
  • Active Directory & SSO integration
  • API to integrate and develop partner applications
  • Advanced administration tools and analytics
  • Multiple deployment options; hosted or on-premises
  • Enterprise level security
  • Read more (technical whitepaper)

Awards and recognition

iHR Best Start-Up Finalist 2012

iHR Best Start-Up Finalist 2012

eEemeli 2012 Best Collaboration App

eEemeli 2012 Best Collaboration App

2nd Place Best Utility & Productivity Service

2nd Place Best Utility & Productivity Service

HR Forum Today iTalent 2013 Top 10 HR Tech Innovation

HR Forum Today iTalent 2013 Top 10 HR Tech Innovation

Nice thing people say about us

“This is the most exciting new tech I have seen for a while.” – Bill Boorman, Founder of #Truevents, United Kingdom.

“A brilliant tool that allows organizations to bring forward and take advantage of the distributed expertise they posses. Skillhive is a way to activate and motivate all members of an organization by shifting the ownership of work towards the people with expertise.” – PhD. Miikka Salavuo, Expert in social learning.

“Well designed, visually motivating product that improves knowledge sharing and enables collaboration across organizational boundaries” – Jouni Backman, Member of the Finnish Parliament.

“What a great user-experience. A new way to lead competence management by crowdsourcing. Looking forward to be part of this” – Taru From, HR4 Solutions Oy, Managing Director.

Try it yourself

Registering to the service on your own is fast and easy: You need a company email to register at Registration will only take a moment and you will only have to input your email and create password. The first user will become organization’s Skillhive administrator. The registration and the first month costs 49€ . After the first month the monthly fee will be 3€/user. Payment can be done with most credit cards using PayPal. VAT will be added if applicable.

Try now

Janne Ruohisto, Founder & CEO of Intunex Oy

Janne Ruohisto, Founder & CEO of Intunex Oy

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