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xTune – leading cultural change using gamification and automation from Intunex

xTune – get work done faster by connecting the right experts

xTune is a social business application that makes it easier to share and connect expertise inside organizations.

Anyone can create a swarm by sharing an idea, problem or a project. xTune finds those people who have relevant expertise and interest on the subject and invites them to join a swarm. The level of participation within the swarm can vary. Leaders and doers put in the most effort. Microtaskers contribute by giving only small advices. Followers and lurkers join the swarm for learning purposes. Participation and the sharing of expertise in a swarm are encouraged through transparency and unique social rewarding system.
Intunex swarm work model

Concrete benefits our customers have identified

  • Increased sales
  • The right experts provided more support for sales representatives.

    • Faster projects
    • Projects were started quicker and achieved their goals faster when the right expertise was found when it is needed.

      • Reduced unnecessary rework
      • People didn’t have to reinvent the wheel because they found experts who had been working on the same problem before.

        • Less failures in decision making
        • People made better decisions when they were able to harness the collective knowledge of the organization.

        • Increased productivity through better motivation
        • Employees became more motivated when they were able to do things they are good at and learn new things they are interested in.

        • Saves time
        • Time was saved when uneffective activities like mass emails and unnecessary face-to-face meetings were reduced.

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          How to buy

          Contact sales:
          Contact us and we will arrange a meeting where we can discuss your needs and agree on what is the best deployment solution for your organization. At the same time we can evaluate possible integration procedures to existing processes and systems. Contact information: or directly

          Contact partner:
          If you are interested in other HR services and software in addition to xTune, you can contact our partner HR4: (Finland), (Netherlands)

          Registering to the service on your own is also fast and easy: You need a company email to register at Registration will only take a moment and you will only have to input your email and password.

          After registration, the user must pay the first monthly fee. Payment can be done with most credit cards. After this the service is ready to be used and the first user will become organization’s internal xTune hub´s administrator (main user). Rest of the personnel can register to the service simply using their company emails.


          What people say about us?

          “This is the most exciting new tech I have seen for a while.” – Bill Boorman, Founder of #Truevents, United Kingdom.

          “xTune is a brilliant tool that allows organizations to bring forward and take advantage of the distributed expertise they posses. xTune is a way to activate and motivate all members of an organization by shifting the ownership of work towards the people with expertise.” – PhD. Miikka Salavuo, Expert in social learning.

          “Well designed, visually motivating product that improves knowledge sharing and enables collaboration across organizational boundaries” – Jouni Backman, Member of the Finnish Parliament.

          “What a great user-experience. A new way to lead competence management by crowdsourcing. Looking forward to be part of this” – Taru From, HR4 Solutions Oy, Managing Director.

          We’d love to hear from you. Ask more or just give some feedback!

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